Can't find what your looking for? Head over to our other business Surplus Produce where you can find over 400+ products sourced locally and internationally. Our distributor offers a wide-variety of products in which you have the ability to customize the box 100%. 

The Farmers on Wheels and Surplus Produce are two separate businesses, therefore you will need to place and process your order on their website if you choose to customize your box. 

The Farmers on Wheels offers pre-selected boxes so you can save time, money, and effort when ordering your produce online. The business is a preferred vendor for many corporate companies in the Bay Area.  If you are interested in sending boxes to more than 10-100+ people please contact and she will help you process the request. Many companies have been sending boxes to their employees as a token of gratitude for working through the pandemic, and they are very appreciative of the surprise. If gifting our boxes is of interest to you, please let us know. We will be happy to help in which ever way possible. 

If you are interested in purchasing specific, individual items for your home, and would like full control about what goes in your box, then Surplus Produce is the business you want to place your order with. They have an amazing diverse selection of fresh produce and goods that is not listed on this website. Whatever it is you desire, we will be sure to do the best we can to provide what we have for you.