About Us

In 1980 owner Saleem Ghishan and his family moved from Madaba, Jordan to San Francisco California, to build a life for themselves and their soon to be families. They all started working day and night, started several types of businesses, including a local farmers market in 1993. Parkside Farmers Market is still operating by his older brothers; and his nieces and nephew recently founded, and are operating at @burlingame_farmers_market which you can visit in store at their location.

Saleem and his brother Iyad Ghishan created Petra Produce Inc. in 2006. Which is a wholesale produce distribution company that works with local and international farmers. Shortly after their launch, they conceptualized the idea of The Farmers on Wheels, with the name, logo, and vision for the brand.

In 2011, Iyad Ghishan’s time with us came to an end as he lost the strength to battle with cancer.
He left us with his brilliant mind, ideas, and vision.

In 2018, son and daughter, Jawad and Jessica Ghishan, worked together and started The Farmers on Wheels as a family. We began delivering to office spaces in the Bay Area. In March of 2020, COVID hit and all client accounts froze. We created a new strategy and relaunched the company full-time. Our development and expansion gives us the ability to serve individuals, families, organizations, and smaller businesses who are working from home.

Although 2020 has been an intense year for us all, we are grateful for the opportunity to expand and impact the lives of individuals and families around the Bay Area in a way we would not have been able to before. In every crisis, there is an opportunity for growth.

The Farmers on Wheels is dedicated to bringing the best local, seasonal, and organic farm fresh produce into the lives of those who are seeking to live a healthy life-style with a balanced diet. When you support our small family business, you support several other family businesses and farms in our area.

We thank you for being a part of our vision, and helping us accomplish our goals as a family AND a business!