About Us

The Farmers on Wheels is a small family owned and operated business located in South San Francisco. Founder, Saleem Ghishan, has been in the wholesale produce industry for 20+ years, and has exceptional knowledge and experience about international and locally grown produce. His kids, Jawad and Jessica Ghishan, are co-founders of The Farmers on Wheels. Jawad and Saleem work at the warehouse in the Bay where they manage the packaging and delivery aspect of the business. Whereas Jessica works on the technical side of the business such as website development, social media management / marketing, and handles all CRMs. After COVID hit the US in February, the business transitioned from office deliveries to local home deliveries in the Bay Area.

The Ghishan Family lives in El Dorado Hills, and offers exclusive services to the neighboring towns. The two youngest of the four kids, Jacquie and Juliana Ghishan, deliver the boxes to all homes in the local area on Friday's and Saturday's.

We hope the business begins to expand in this area as it has in the Bay. When you support a small business, you are supporting a dream. With gratitude, we appreciate you supporting our family company.