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That's ok. Read over these popular Q&As to help gain clarity on your next move. Feel free to call or text us anytime if you have questions. We are happy to help with whatever you may need (650) 219 - 8797 

What is The Farmers On Wheels?

We are a small family owned and operated online farmers market located in San Francisco, California. We bring the farmers market to you by packaging local, organic, seasonal, specialty, and exotic produce. We offer contactless delivery to local cities in the Bay Area. This is not a subscription based business, so you don't need to worry about recurring payments. Just order whatever produce you need for the week, and enjoy without leaving the comfort of your home! 

Do you offer local delivery to my local area? If so, when can I expect my delivery?

All cities we offer local delivery to are listed on our delivery schedule, which you can find here. Order by at least 7pm the day before the set delivery day to ensure next day delivery. 

Do you ship to ... 

Yes. If you live in the US, we can get a box delivered to your door. In order to ensure freshness upon your delivery, we have curated a selection of our most popular, highly requested, and best valued boxes, which you can select from here.

Can I add individual items to my nationwide box? 

The website will not allow you to do this from your end because there are some items that may be too delicate and perishable to put in a nationwide box. Reach out to us with your request, and we will get back to you ASAP if we think the product will remain fresh by the time it is delivered to you. Email

Where do you source your products? 

It depends. A majority of our products are exclusively sourced by our farmer friends here in California, while other products are imported from where they are grown. Tropical and exotic items can only be grown in certain regions, so we source them directly from the farmers, then deliver to you. All the produce you receive from us is coming directly from the hands of the farmers. 

Ok, I'd love to try out your products and services! How do I get started?

Wonderful, we are so excited for you to try. If you are a local customer, then you can start browsing products here. If you are not within the local area, select one of these boxes and enjoy the taste of the tropics within a few days! 

Still not sure?

No worries, reach out to our customer representative at or text (650) 219 - 8797