Secret Specialty Produce With Unbelievable Benefits

There are lots of powerful foods that grow from the Earth. Many of them have amazing nutritional and health benefits. There are delicious and exotic fruits, vegetables, and herbs that you may have never even heard of. They can help prevent serious illness and disease. They're sometimes even called superfoods. Anything is worth a try to improve your overall health and wellness. 

Certain foods can provide special vitamins and even help boost our immune systems. They can ward off sickness. Some foods can help those suffering from pain and swelling. Incorporating some of these wonder foods into your diet could be the key to improving your overall wellness and energy levels. 

Healthful Herbs

There are lots of delicious herbs with tremendous health benefits. They can be used to add flavor to recipes when cooking. Some of them can just be eaten raw by themselves. Lemongrass is an antioxidant. It also works to reduce fever, pain, and swelling. Lemongrass improves blood sugar levels and aids in digestive health. It can be finely chopped up for salads and stir fry.

Ginger is commonly used to bring relief from a stomach ache. It can be stirred into a cup of hot tea or soup. Sage can be used to help with a nagging toothache or sore throat pain. Cumin can help relieve aches and inflammation. It also aids with digestive health. It has a rich hearty flavor and is found in many blends of chili and taco seasonings. 

Vivifying Vegetables

Jicama is a root vegetable. It's full of rich nutrients and antioxidants. It's known to be good for heart and gut health. It also fights inflammation in the body. You simply peel it, cut it into strips, and eat it. Toro root is said to be good for digestive health and can be a weight loss aid. It is high in fiber and vitamins. You can peel, steam, and mash them just like potatoes. 

Methi leaves are known to be good for bone and digestive health. They could be soaked in a glass of water overnight to drink the next day or be thrown into a salad. Methi leaves can also help with curing mouth sores. They are powerful antioxidants and can even help nursing mothers with their breast milk production.

Flavorful Fruits

Starfruit is a tropical fruit that helps reduce cholesterol and can prevent fatty liver development. Wait until it's no longer green before eating it. Star fruit is ripe when it's yellow. You rinse it off, cut off the ends, and slice it. It is also a powerful antioxidant. 

Indian eggplant is good for the heart and digestive health. It can be prepared in several ways. It is grilled, roasted, baked, or fried. It's good for the bones, digestion and brain, and anemia. Guava is a tropical fruit that can help with metabolic function. It can help with skin health and even boost your immune system. It can be rinsed and eaten just like an apple. 

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